Frequently Asked Questions

Is everything found in my basket certified organic?

YES! 100% certified organic without exception. All fruits and vegetables that we produce are certified organic by Québec Vrai. The farm has been certified organic since the very beginning of its operations in 1997. In addition, we only buy fruits and vegetables, and other products that are certified organic.

We are very punctilious in our purchasing process. Therefore, we do not buy fruits, vegetables or other products, even certified organic, from certain countries or certain farms when our own research does not allow us to be confident about the rigorous production and certification process. We put our expertise to work for you.

Where do the fruits & vegetables come from?

First and foremost, we are producers. We grow over 450 varieties of more than 53 species of fruits, vegetables and herbs (95% heirloom and ancient).

In the summer and fall, we essentially grow everything that is found in your baskets. If a production problem occurs, we will always purchase locally from other certified farms first. Only fruits and vegetables that cannot grow in Quebec are imported.

In the winter and spring, root and long conservation vegetables are grown on the farm and stored in an optimal environment to preserve their freshness and quality. For fresh produces, we favor buying locally grown products from certified organic greenhouses based on quality and quantities available. For products that are not available in Quebec, we buy from international organic suppliers. Then, during the cold winter months, fruits and quite a few vegetables are imported from certified organic suppliers in order to provide organic baskets with variety to our partners all year-round.

Eating locally grown organic to reduce pollution and protect the environment, YES it is paramount for us. Outside of the growing season, we also believe that eating fresh organic that comes from afar in less damaging to the environment and your health, even with transportation. Also, organic farming from afar also protects people, workers, soil and the environment in other countries. The whole locally grown argument in winter as well as summer vs the environmental cost of transportation makes little sense when you consider the following.

In season or outside the growing season, produce grown conventionally, here or anywhere, use polluting chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also, these chemicals are mostly manufactured from oil. And many of these fertilizers and pesticides are manufactured in the US, some as far as the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Furthermore, a fair amount of the oil used to manufacture these chemicals is transported from Alberta’s tar sands, and then transported back here to be used in the local farms. So, transport for transport, which do you think is better for the environment...

Finally, a local greenhouse heated with natural gas or oil produces at least, if not more, greenhouse gases than the transportation of certified organic fruits and vegetables.

How much does an organic basket cost?

We offer a variety of basket sizes at $25, $35, and $50. You can choose a basket containing only vegetables or a mix of fruits and vegetables. We also offer baskets containing only fruits for $15 and $25.

Each week, we suggest contents for the various baskets based on what is available according to the season. This allows us to promote and put forth produce grown on the farm first and then locally. If you do not make any changes to this suggested content, that’s what you will receive on your next delivery (a surprise basket...).

If, on the other hand, you decide to change items in your basket, by logging into your account and using our Market, you can change a few items or change everything. You control both the variety and the quantities in your basket. Therefore, your baskets are 100% customizable to meet your needs and preferences. The minimum order per delivery is 15$.

Also, whatever the value of the suggested basket you have selected, you are not bound to that amount when you make changes. You can choose more or less than that amount according to your needs of the week. You may also add fruits to a veggies only basket or veggies to a fruits only basket... The receipt of your basket will always adjust itself automatically according to your choices.

There are fruits & vegetables in my basket that I do not like or that I cannot eat (i.e. allergies or dietary restrictions)

When you sign up, you can input your allergies or dietary restrictions in the designated area in your account so that we can take the necessary precautions when preparing your baskets. In addition, you can customize your basket via our Market, you can simply add or remove fruits and vegetables that you do not want in your basket.

Can I customize my basket?

YES! During the registration process, you will choose a default basket format. You can change this format at any time. Every week, we suggest fruits and vegetables for each basket format to put forth produce from the farm first and then those locally grown. If the suggested basket is right for you or if you do not have time to customize it, it will be delivered as is it (a surprise basket). However, via our Market, you can add or remove fruits & vegetables from the suggested basket in order to fully customize it according to your needs (quantities) and preferences (variety). Therefore, your organic basket is 100% flexible and personalized.

When can I customize my basket?

The content of the suggested baskets are posted on our website every Friday evening preceding deliveries.

You can edit the content of your basket by logging into your account and to our Market from 7h00 am on Saturday to 12h00 pm (noon) on the Sunday preceding your delivery. An email reminding you of the market's opening hours is sent every Friday (you can disable this alert at any time).

Will I receive a reminder about my delivery?

You can view the delivery schedule for the entire year on our website. In addition, you will receive an email alert the day before your delivery (you can disable this alert at any time).

What happens when I go on vacation?

You can simply log into your account and enter the dates of your vacation (we strongly suggest you enter a period rather than just the date to ensure that your vacation period overlaps all delivery dates). You can define three holiday periods in advance. If you leave for an extensive period of time (e.g. snowbirds), you can stop your deliveries until further notice. During this downtime, your account will never be charged. You have until 12h00 pm (noon) on the Sunday preceding the delivery you want to cancel to do it, if not, your basket will be prepared, delivered and charged to your account.

Do you do home or office deliveries?

Yes, we do. There is an additional charge of $ 4.99 per home delivery. For office deliveries, we can help you organize a collective pick-up point to eliminate this extra fee. We prefer delivering to pick-up points to reduce energy consumption and our environmental impact. We currently have over 40 pick-up points on the South-Shore and on the island of Montreal. If you want to become or organize a pick-up point, contact us by email at or at 450 469-5358. We will help you and we can also go to your place for a group presentation.

What happens if I forget or can’t pick up my basket?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to replace your basket the following week or to deliver it to another pick-up point or at the farm (except if you have made such a request before the preceding Sunday). This is not due to unwillingness on our part, but space in the delivery trucks is limited, production is not necessarily the same the following week, and we do not have enough staff at the farm to greet customers picking up their baskets, which would result in delivering baskets 7 days a week. Believe us, we have experienced this in the past. It's frustrating for everyone.

However, your basket will not be wasted as it is given the same evening to a food bank in the area or to people in need. We would not be comfortable asking our volunteers who take care of the pick-up points to keep your baskets and distribute them outside delivery hours, for obvious reasons.

What happens if I cannot be present during the scheduled delivery hours?

HOME DELIVERY: If you cannot be home, please leave a large cooler (45 liters minimum with icepacks inside) easily accessible for the delivery driver so that we can drop off your basket. You can leave delivery instructions for the driver in the designated area in your account.

OFFICE DELIVERY: We recommend that you inform reception of our arrival and have cold storage bags or coolers (45 liters minimum with icepacks inside) available to keep your fruits and vegetables cool until you return home.

PICK-UP POINT: Have a family member or friend kindly pick your basket up for you!

Are there any registration, membership or cancellation fees?

There are no registration, membership or cancellation fees, regardless of the time of year or the duration of your membership.

If you paid by check, there is no charge to cancel your account. However, if you paid by credit card or by PayPal, there is a charge of 15$ to close your account.

Is your basket service available year-round?

Yes! We deliver organic baskets all year-round with the exception of two weeks during the holiday season in December. Please see the delivery schedule on our website for the exact dates of each delivery throughout the year.

Can I become a pick-up point or start one at work?

Yes! If you gather 6 to 8 people in one place: at work, on your street, daycare, housing co-op, etc., we will deliver to that location. The pick-up point can be private (e.g. only for parents and employees of a daycare) or it can be open to the public in a neighborhood store or in the garage of a private residence.

We are here to help you and we will be happy to give a presentation to your group or office members. Our software system can also manage a waiting list. When enough people are registered, we will let them know when the first delivery will take place. Feel free to contact us by email or at 450-469-5358 between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Should I wash my basket’s vegetables and fruits?

Even though all the fruits and vegetables are certified organic (grown without any chemical pesticides), we recommend that you inspect your vegetables and transfer them to containers or perforated vegetables bags. The bags we use are not meant to be used for conservation. We also recommend you soak leafy vegetables like lettuces, spinach, etc. for ½ an hour in cold water, drying them, but not completely, before you refrigerate them. We suggest the best time to wash your produce is just before preparing and eating. Apart from those, wash everything else only when you are ready to use them. Fruits should always be kept in the refrigerator.

Do you have others questions?

Send us a message or contact us !

(450) 469.5358

from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.